The headlights are powerful enough at any time of the day. But if you wish, you can buy a wardrobe trunk and install it at the back. And such a glass height, firstly, allows you to shelter the driver from wind blowing and water droplets, and secondly, it does not interfere with the view. Neither low nor high. In addition to a set of necessary tools and a pump for pumping wheels, only a blanket and a bottle of water will fit in there. The rear seat is raised, and this allows the passenger not to look out from behind the driver. This maxi scooter is very convenient for both driver and passenger. In my opinion, this is very relevant in our time with current gasoline prices. Salen. blocks on the engine mount are wear-resistant. For which even an inexperienced driver, including girls, can easily master driving skills. I have been using it for 2 years now, the engine works with a bang, the piston system is in perfect order. Their light weight, low fuel consumption and minimum requirements for . more Only size, power and amenities. And the battery compartment itself is covered with a lid and a rubber mat under your feet.

Alfamoto Bizon tips

In our time, scooters of various models and capacities have become widespread on the road. A very big plus is that both front and rear brakes are hydraulic. It’s high, but then I got used to it and even liked it. It is not suitable for a girl, it is very big and heavy. Again, if you wish, you can buy a standard set of mirrors mounted on the steering wheel. I want to add that I rode it for decent distances for fishing and took a lot of equipment with me and never let me down. There are no fundamental differences in operation and management. But not the most successful mounting mirrors on the body of the scooter. An excellent and comfortable scooter that has never let me down. If in a regular scooter it is very roomy, then on this maxi scooter the volume of the luggage compartment will disappoint. Wheels 13 inch – the best option for our roads. The glass covers the driver up to the neck. It is possible to install sports shock absorbers, with the ability to adjust the stiffness (there is a second mount on the body). This is almost a full-fledged motorcycle. Easy to handle and manoeuvrable. A speedometer, a tachometer, a fuel gauge and a battery charge are placed on the dashboard. When the headlights are turned on, the instrument panel lights up. The moped is quite powerful and frisky! I also want to note that the moped is very economical, and eats very little fuel. Turn signals, high beam and brake light are duplicated on the dashboard. Earlier, I already wrote about the Honda Tact Scooter, which was our first experience in using two-wheeled vehicles. For our not very smooth roads and constantly jumping gas prices, this maxi scooter is a very good means of transportation. During this time, I changed the shock absorbers and oil several times. Any glass can get dirty, moisture can get on it or just fog up, which will interfere
visibility on the road, wipers are not provided in the design. Fuel consumption is an average of 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers. 04/14/2015 In our time, scooters of various models and capacities have become widespread on the road. Of course, it is not very convenient to climb into the back seat, you need some skill and dexterity. Over this time – . Nice dashboard that always works, shows me the speed, and all the data of my scooter. I have been using it for 2 years now, the engine works with a bang, the piston system is in perfect order. 07/17/2015 An excellent and comfortable scooter that has never let me down. Shaking loosens the adjustment. There is even a small side on the footboard, which is very convenient to hook on with heels and the foot is guaranteed not to slip and not go anywhere. And in general, this scooter is very convenient for the passenger. soft and
a very rigid backrest in fastening, a separate wide footrest, side elements for which it is very convenient and secure to hold on. Overall great and easy to use. The engine here is already a four-stroke. Up to 80 km/h. considered cruising speed above 80 km/h. – the red zone is shown on the speedometer, in this mode there is more wear on the scooter and fuel consumption, and a long ride at this speed is not recommended by the manufacturer. And the driver, as a rule, is in a helmet and is already protected from above. The battery is located in a separate compartment under the feet, which makes it easy to access. And in the beginning, I was very scared to sit in the back. The engine capacity is 150 cu. cm, also, if desired, you can increase the engine capacity to 180 cubic meters. cm, which will increase the power and speed of the maxi scooter accordingly. But in front of the driver there is a retractable hook on which you can attach a bag of things and which is guaranteed to prevent things from falling. But then they appreciated this height of the glass. In general, this maxi scooter is not very different from its smaller counterparts. In this review, I want to talk about such a wonderful vehicle as the Bizon 150 maxi scooter. The fastening for it is very reliable. There is a luggage compartment under the seat, but not very large, rather even small. The suspension on the maxi scooter is smartly designed and handles small bumps in the road well. Their light weight, low fuel consumption and minimal maintenance requirements have made them a very popular mode of transport. At the beginning, the height of the side glass was puzzling. The light equipment of the scooter is successfully arranged.

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