I’m passing speed bumps. Prior to Eliza, I didn’t own foreign cars, but I have driving experience. Citroen Berlingo Vant. Soft and very energy-intensive suspension, with high ground clearance, provide flotation no worse than a jeep. Citroen Berlingo Presumably, with a mileage of 30 thousand km. Over 4.5 years of operation, many things are taken for granted. I’ve been driving this car for over a year. I looked after a car in the region https://cars45et.com/listing/toyota/land_cruiser_prado/2019 of 550,000 rubles (although it turned out 610) – Solaris and polo everywhere and Took in perfect condition. An excellent car, comfortable and practical, I recommend it to everyone, it is easy to drive, the main economical in fuel consumption, I am very satisfied, not every passenger car can have so many complete sets. Machine 1989 release. Citroen C-Crosser Bought 5 years ago. Citroen C-Elyze Most of the time, both for me and the previous owner – like a second car. Citroen Berlingo pass.

Citroen tips

Citroen AX Citroen AX is a small, nimble car for the city and off-road. Citroen BX T. I note a capacious trunk with a hinged side (but the spare wheel under the bottom, it is not convenient to use in winter and in the rain), moving rear seats.

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