FiiO EX1 (Dunu TITAN 1) headphones review

FiiO EX1 headphones review (Dunu TITAN 1)

FiiO is primarily known for its portable audio players and headphone amplifiers, so I personally didn’t expect to see headphones under this brand. However, the real manufacturer of FiiO EX1 is another well-known Chinese company – Dunu. What’s more, the EX1 are replicas of the Dunu TITAN 1 headphones, which are considered one of the best earbuds in their price range.

Introducing headphones

Fiio EX1 comes in a plastic blister. The kit includes a compact hard case for carrying, a removable clip for attaching the cable to clothes and a large number of nozzles of different sizes.

The headphone housings are made of metal, the cable is covered with soft silicone insulation, leaving the impression of reliability. L-shaped connector.

Sound guides are angled for better penetration into the ear canals. Pay attention to the holes in the case – you should not expect good sound insulation from these headphones. The manufacturer’s name, Dunu, is clearly visible on the cases (it is also repeated on the connector).

The cable has a convenient rubber clasp, typical of Dunu headphones, to secure it in a rolled position.

Convenience, sound isolation and sound quality

FiiO EX1 fit perfectly in the ears and do not rub even with prolonged wear. As expected, due to their “semi-open” design, the headphones transmit sound well in both directions. In other words, you hear what is happening around, and those around you perfectly hear what is playing in your ears.

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