Flip flops arrived in a branded package:
better adhesion of the foot to the surface and water drainage:
On the elastic bands that hold the flip flops on the leg, there is even a marking of the size and for which leg they are intended: Labels (with a protective authenticity stamp) :

Flip flops

With a full fold back and forth, there are no traces of the fold. Summer has come and brought with it a vacation, summer days, and, for some, a vacation by the sea, which means it’s time to stock up on appropriate shoes. By the way, why this type of footwear was called Vietnamese in our country (although they were originally worn in all Asian countries), it is not known exactly. Then their production was established here, at the Polymer plant in the city of Slantsy, people thought that the inscription “Slates” on them was the name of a slap, and thus this name also took root.
Side view:
On the feet: I prepared a “sleigh in summer”, or rather, bought flip flops at a sale, moreover, from the Chinese brand Li Ning, which, according to rumors, even made shoes for xiaomi.
The inscriptions and printing are also well done, the color is bright, the pattern is without artifacts:
Weight: Most likely, rubber slippers with a characteristic jumper between the big and second toes, initially began to be imported into the country from Vietnam, with which the Soviet Union established diplomatic relations in 1950, and then a number of cooperation and trade agreements were signed, and only then set up their own production.

On a plastic hook and even with pieces of foam flex: Slippers fit true to size, the sole itself protrudes slightly beyond the foot.
made of foam material, quite elastic, but not oak, after compression it completely restores its shape, although I suppose that gradually, with prolonged wear, the sole will sag a little and take the shape of the foot. The material does not absorb moisture.
Sizes (I took our https://jiji.ng/obafemi-owode/solar-energy-products size 43):
Slippers immediately produce a very pleasant feeling, the material from which they are made is of high quality, the rubber is well molded, there is practically no flash: The central “stand” between the fingers does not press, the shape of the elastic bands clasping the foot is flat, the skin is not rubbed.


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