Comfortable handle YH100 the one I review and its more advanced brother MS8211D, the only difference is in the possibility current measurement, and a certain mechanism for checking logical circuits, about which nothing is known at all. Who needs more info, let’s dive… In general, since my verified seller also had a discount on it, as well as a donated coupon, it was YH100 that was taken. Rubber coating Let’s start with the declared TX sold Overall 8.75/10 (autumn but koroso) When choosing, the following goals were pursued: Assembly 8/10, after six months of operation and a bunch of falls, a small gap appeared at the joints As it turned out from the comments, the first option is much closer schematically to the original than the second (yes, yes, this is a night clone of the brand, at one time I found which one I then lost), more found on TAOBAO YH101-copy 100 but there are current measurements, and there is no logic test TX was copied from the box by the seller, so if someone lied, it’s not him, then I will write in bold text my corrections and comments to TX And so it was decided to search for something like this … Today a review of multimedia batons pens (they are called so), in short, here: Countless devices were found, but alas, not one looked like until this one was discovered, by the way, there are two of them: I consider it unworthy even for a spoiler to discuss the purchase and delivery, and therefore, let’s start discussing the device itself. Convenience 10/10, who has not tried it will not understand Measuring V up to 1000 and R up to tens of mega ohm, continuity The overmolding rubber case protects the meter to be stronger (doubtful) Well, in general, that’s all according to TX, the only thing I’ll say is that I don’t have a reference device and I can’t check the accuracy beyond exactly, but the measurements of the details will be further.

Multimeter pen

Accuracy 9/10, very good for a kitimeter Everything is simple here, usually you can freely place a device of the usual format on the table and work, but when work is going on in the shield, and not always in a convenient one, you always have to bridge it somewhere, and there are a lot of problems, then the probes do not reach, then look not convenient. ! All photos are clickable, I don’t place them on the musk because of the inconvenience of loading, I anticipate a bunch of debates on this topic! Quality 8/10, there are also some minor complaints Conform to the IEC1010-1 Standard CAT III 600V (confirmed up to 1000 holds)

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