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As regards respondent, the JBC famous that she had not submitted her SALNs for a interval of ten years from 1986 to 2022, when she was employed in the University of the Philippines College of Law. However, as petitioner points out, there is no displaying that respondent’s request was ever approved by the JBC. Moreover, in its appreciation of what constitutes integrity, the JBC set sure grounds which would disqualify an applicant outright. Thus, the JBC has to concretize these qualifications into operable standards, by way of demandable submissions and institutional checks; in any other case, their determination can be – as abovementioned – highly-subjective and extra so, inexecutable because of their obscurity. Impeachment is actually a measure to exact accountability from a public officer.

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APE’s respective Liaison Officers and/or representatives with expired3 BIAU iisued ID’s are hereby given a grace interval of 1 month or till 30 July 2022 to use all BI places of work’ Ingress anf egress, subject to current Odd-Even Scheme. The Sereno camp stated in a press release that the Chief Justice filed the petition in search of to inhibit Martires within the case on Friday, May 4, citing his alleged manifestation of “actual bias” towards Sereno during the April 10 oral arguments on the quo warranto petition. Sadly, respondent’s demeanor and conduct fell wanting the ethics expected from the very best magistrate of the land and uncovered the courts to diminution of public respect when she failed to extend courtesy, equity, and candor towards her fellow justices during the oral arguments. This, to me, calls into question her integrity, previous and present. It is true that beneath Section 7, Rule 66 of the Rules of Court, the prescriptive period for bringing an action for quo warranto is one yr counted from the purpose for the ouster, or from when the proper of the petitioner to the contested place arose.

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In the Majority Opinion, Justice Tijam answers this question in the affirmative. It is likewise essential to tell apart the proceedings before the Committee on Justice of the House of Representatives and the quo warranto petition pending before the Court. The issue within the petition for quo warranto is whether respondent unlawfully holds or workouts a public office in view of the contention of the Solicitor General that her failure to file SALNs, with out lawful justification, underscored her inability to prove her integrity which is a constitutional qualification to turn out to be a member of the Supreme Court. In contrast, the difficulty within the Congressional Hearings where I was invited as a Resource Person was the determination of probable trigger to question the respondent the place her qualifications prior to her appointment as Chief Justice was by no means a difficulty nor raised as ground for impeachment. Is obtainable as a treatment even as towards impeachable officers, like respondent.

This belies respondent’s illustration that the JBC maintained its requirement that the candidates submit all previous SALNs. If such had been the case, only those candidates decided to have complied ought to have been shortlisted, and the others, together with respondent, mustn’t have certified. In any case, the requirement of submitting SALNs within the ten-year period as a substitute of all previous SALNs is more consistent with the legislation. No. 6713 supplies that the filed SALNs need not be retained by the receiving officer or the custodian after greater than ten years from the filing or receipt thereof, and truly allows such documents to be destroyed except wanted in an ongoing investigation. Dean Amado Valdez wrote letter dated July 23, 2022 saying that he could no longer discover the SALNs masking the years 1985 to 1987, 2022 to 2022 and 2022 representing the years of his intermittent authorities service.

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Only when this Court itself may paved the way in giving life to the principle of public accountability in a meaningful method could it acquire and retain the folks’s trust and confidence. So, even when it is 2022, why did you not submit that to the JBC that is readily available. I used a kind printed, drawn from the net site of the esc that why it was not notarized and it’s dated 2022. Applying the foregoing rules, I preserve that respondent failed to determine that I even have precise bias regarding her qualification to be appointed as Chief Justice. A Member of the Court could within the exercise of his or her sound discretion, inhibit himself of herself for a simply or valid cause aside from any of those talked about above.

  • But while this Court might order the disbarment of a justice of the Court of Appeals, it’s Congress, and Congress alone, in the train of its energy of impeachment, that may remove from workplace a justice of the Court of Appeals.

The Supreme Court, sitting en banc, shall be the only real decide of all contests referring to the election, returns, and qualifications of the President or Vice-President, and will promulgate its guidelines for the purpose. Judgment in circumstances of impeachment shall not extend additional then to removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, belief, or profit underneath the Government of the Philippines, but the get together convicted shall nonetheless be liable and subject to prosecution, trial, and punishment, according to legislation. At the time my nomination was being blocked, nevertheless, the arbitration case was still pending.

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