But on the other hand, the camera on the tablet is what I will use here last. Although here is the simplest GPS module, it catches well. Conclusion: If you look at it, taking into account the price that is asked for it. The screen itself is not bad.
Hello everyone. Although I don’t really like book covers, it won’t be superfluous. But I ran a few parrot-benchmarks, for those who want to know what this tablet is capable of.
Well, in general, the game works. I can attribute the following to the pluses here: There is a brand name on the case itself: By the way, about the screen. 2 GB RAM Gravity sensor Their devices are cheap, but for their price they are quite suitable. 16 GB ROM the presence of a modern Type-C port I can already draw some conclusions, and show the tablet itself live. Weight: 224g In addition, it is about this model that there are quite good reviews on the Internet, including in the profile topic on w3bsit3-dns.com. Well, how do I use it. the presence of a slot for a SIM card (sorry, I could not test it, due to the introduction of The sensor works properly. I think that if anyone at the moment needs a compact and inexpensive tablet, from the basement, but in terms of price / quality is normal, my review will help. Under YouTube, HDVideobox, navigation and browser, the tablet is suitable. But what is. But for this price, I think the pluses are well-deserved. For myself, I took this tablet for two reasons. Therefore, this model was chosen. Here is what the seller sent in a personal message to Ali: I already broke the screen of my previous Teclast t10 with these trips and decided that it would be a pity for me to break another expensive tablet. It will be about the tablet Alldocube iPlay 7T. But for this price, no one here is waiting for them.
Instruction included in English: Light sensor

As you can see, the results here are not impressive. Delivery of the tablet took about 4 weeks. I did not test it, since I have good proven cords.
from April 13 to April 15, the tablet is discounted, and it costs $64.74, plus you need to write a message to the seller I wanna free case so that he put a cover as a gift for free.

AIDA64 This is a budget tablet that is relatively inexpensive. And at the bottom there is a 3.5mm jack. It comes in a cardboard box:
Under the cover
there are slots for two sim cards and one microSD flash drive And it is also compact, which is sometimes very convenient and in demand. The screen as a whole is not bad. Yes, and read the browser without wasting your phone battery. Navigation through Yandex maps also has no problems. So: Front camera 0.3M pixels – sound from the built-in speaker But it will have GPS. And considering that I will need a tablet as a navigator that will show the road over long distances, this suits me.
Despite the fact that some consider the Alldocube brand to be completely basement, I personally am relatively familiar with this brand through the experience of a couple of comrades I know. Now about the tablet. Nothing bad about the brand
I can say.
In general, the tablet is assembled well. But playing on such a tablet is still a perversion.
The left side is empty. compact size But for navigation, YouTube, browser and watching movies in the same HDVideoBox, it is quite suitable. The difference in price is not big, but the cover is always useful. But in normal use, despite the benchmarks, the tablet works well. At the top is a Type-C port. But on the other hand, I did not see any special problems in use. But for now, this will do. So simple that you can see the sensor points at an angle:
In general, later I will look for a replacement silicone case. BUT! Once again, BUT! Only if you don’t have demanding tasks. True, I can not call the sound emitted good.
The tablet itself. The case fits the tablet well. On the front side there is a display, a hearing speaker, a camera, a light sensor and a proximity sensor: OTG supported – filthy camera

Review of budget tablet Alldocube iPlay 7T. It is not very convenient for me to use the phone for navigation, because sometimes I need it on the road, and turning it off, removing it from the panel, then putting it back on while driving is not convenient. Games are not about him. There are no design frills here. 3.5mm port < br />battery 2800mAh 5V / 2A

Large bezels appear around the screen, which can protect the screen itself. So, I’ll start, as it should be with the characteristics:
This picture shows the overall quality of the case: All cutouts match. The same YouTube allows you to watch videos up to 720p (and here you don’t need more)
The charger included is quite simple. 5V 2A

Even in a case, it does not take up much space, and is quite compact. – weak CPU ROM USB Type-C port Rear camera 2M pixels
Speaking of the case. the presence of a good display Colors barely change at angles But carrying a 10-inch device with you is sometimes not very convenient. Thickness: 9.9mm I wish you all good health. take care Unisoc SC9832E Quad-core processor (A53 4×1.4GHz) GPS
Still, by today’s standards, this is a compact, almost phone-sized device. Dual SIM 4G LTE But the touch sensor is the simplest.
PCMARK I personally use the tablet for a couple of weeks. For the sake of interest, I tried to install PUBG and play.
The last time I saw this was probably on very old Chinese phones. 6.98" 1280 × screen 720 Synthetic materials. And that’s it. It will not be suitable for demanding tasks and modern games like Asfalt or Pubg. Bluetooth 4.0 Today I want to talk about my recent purchase. There is a good IPS matrix here. Up to 256 GB microSD card support
By the way, the rear speaker is quite loud here. Such, shall we say, squeaky. This is what the tablet looks like in the case:
And more is not required of him.
On the right side there is a power button and a paired volume key. Since he frankly hangs. price On the back side there is a camera, a speaker, a removable cover for access to the SIM card and flash drive slots.
What did I get for 70 bucks?

Made in the form of a book, with the ability to fold the lid in the form of a stand. In the hands it lies comfortably. Unfortunately, there is no magnetic sensor, so when you open the lid you need to press the power button. USB cable included is of normal quality. Here it is the most budget. There is no need to build illusions here, the tablet works exactly at its price. I need a small tablet that will not take up much space on the dashboard of the car. Height: 190mm It is at the level of budget phones. sim card binding to devices in Kazakhstan) I tested it during one match, made sure that it would not work on the tablet, and demolished the game. But HDVideobox works without problems. So I have a Teclast T30 tablet, and it’s a great tablet. In general, summing up,
what we have? We have an extremely budget device, for which, in general, they do not ask for a lot of money. Distance sensor The case is of course plastic, but the plastic here is not of the worst quality. I will attribute the following to the minuses:
This is what the screen looks like compared to
/> The camera is the place where the budget of the device manifests itself to the fullest.
First, I’ll show you the case. CPU-Z That’s why I ordered myself another, relatively inexpensive, but at least not quite no-name tablet. Can I recommend this tablet for purchase? Rather yes. The second task is to play movies and series. Also somewhere on the road or outside the home. By the way, now there is a discount on the tablet in honor of the sale on Ali. The dimensions of the tablet are 19x10cm. thickness about 1cm. But powerful programs and games will not work here. Of course, I’m a little offended, since I took a tablet more expensive, and I also paid extra for the case, which is now given for free. Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n (2.4GHz) Although, taking into account the overall budget of the device, the disadvantages here were already predictable. On all settings to the minimum. The first is navigation. Width: 98mm

Model: Alldocube iPlay 7T In the package there was a box with a tablet and a case:
I bought this tablet right away with a case. The parcel was brought to me by a courier to the entrance. Periodically, according to interest and need. This is the whole review. Proof of purchase: The package consists of the tablet itself, instructions, Type-C USB hose and charger. There are cutouts on the back for the camera and speaker: Android 9 https://jiji.com.gh/55-sandals/gucci.0 Pie To do this, you need a device of a different price range.

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